Oh The Poo I Encounter During My Runs…

Day 1,634 – Carmel Marathon Relay Recap

Day 1,634 – 11,839 Miles

Everyone on our 4 man team is going to Boston in 9 days, so our team name was Boston Bound.  I was leg #4 which was 4.2 miles.

Completely solo. Mile 2.5-4 were almost entirely uphill, just a steady incline most of the way, I could tell I was slowing down. Also around that time is when I merged with the Half Marathoners. Didn’t have much of a race mentality, since I didn’t have an adrenaline rush beforehand like I normally do at the starting line. I was all by myself at the exchange zone. During the last half mile, I kicked it into gear, last .2 I kicked again, and then with less than .1, I kicked once more. Finished very strong and very fast through the chute. Overall, good performance.  Our 4 man team won $250 and some pint glasses.  That’ll go towards our Boston jackets.

Mile 1 – 5:24 
Mile 2 – 5:24 
Mile 3 – 5:27 
Mile 4 – 5:25ish 
.2 – 1:10ish 


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